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Flexed out components slowing you down?

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Do you constantly feel like you're struggling at the starting gate, during turns, or finishing strong? Whether you're striving to qualify at World events or looking to level up to the next class, it's time to check your components to make sure you're maximizing your potential.
Rider: Alise Post
Photographer: USABMX

Oversized™ Technology is a philosophy of design and engineering. Its goal is to reduce energy loss to deformation or flex. The results are enhanced control, better acceleration, and increased speed.

With Oversized, you'll experience enhanced power delivery, superior control, and an armored build with advanced materials. How are these components different than others? Well, Oversized focuses on 2 primary areas: Pedaling stiffness and Steering stiffness.
  • Pedaling Stiffness: How much the components that are between your pedals and the rear tire deflect. Simply put: Less deflection = FASTER
  • Steering Stiffness: How much the components that are between your grips and front. tire deflect. Less deflection = FASTER RESPONSE
Ready to take your riding ability to the next level? Visit https://www.boxbmx.com/ to learn more about the key differences between Oversized Forks, Cranks, Headsets, Handlebars, Brakes, Bottom Brackets, Stems, and Hubs. BIG = FAST
"There is nothing quite like the Box setup in BMX racing. When racing, I rely on products like my Box cranks with 30mm spindle to help with direct power transfer to the back wheel or my Box front end setup with X5 forks and bars equipped with a 31.8mm clamping surface to guarantee my front end is as solid as possible!"
-Tyler Brown

"For the past 6 years, I have had the amazing opportunity to run and represent Box Components. On my race bike I prefer to run the X5 forks which have proven to be the stiffest and most reliable race fork I have ever endured. Alongside my Box fork setup, I choose to run the 31.8mm bars attached with the Box One front load stem for the highest comfort front end that favors my riding style and helps me take on the field of riders."
-Spencer Cole

"When I started with Box, I was a lot younger and smaller. Now that I have grown and got stronger, I have parts to grow with me. Thankfully, the Oversized parts are there for that. They make the big difference when you're big enough to put the power down."
-Nathan Kitchen


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