How is Prime 9 more durable?

How is Prime 9 more durable?

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How is Prime 9 more durable?

Were you ever forced to walk your bike up the hill after a crash, snapping a chain, or bending your derailleur cage? We've all been there! Whether your riding style is racing, shredding down technical trails, or casually riding with friends, having a durable drivetrain you can rely on to make it through every ride seamlessly is absolutely necessary.
Rider: Richard "Gaspi" Gasperotti
Photographer: Milos Stafek

So, what makes Prime 9 more durable?

Straighter Chain-line
Prime 9 drivetrains significantly reduce the chain angle in the lowest gears when compared to 12 speed. This allows the chain to run straighter across all gears, increasing the life of the chain and cassette.
Unique 9 Speed Chain
Prime 9 chains have internal dimensions that are compatible with modern Wide / Narrow chainrings and similar chain retention to 11 / 12-speed chains. Externally, Prime 9 chains have dimensions similar to existing 9-speed chains. This unique geometry allows for thicker side plates than 12-speed drivetrains which resists stretching over time, increasing shifting performance while decreasing wear on the cassette and chainring.
Single Shift Option (E-MTB)
E-MTB drivetrains can fail when shifts across multiple gears occur under load. These failures are eliminated by restricting the shifting action to one shift at a time. This also increases the life of the drivetrain overall.
Fewer Gears (Fewer Shifts)
Fewer gears mean fewer shifts to get to the gears you’d like to be in. This decreases the number of shifts per ride and increases the life of the shifter and cassette.
Full Steel Cassette (all tiers)
Prime 9 Cassettes offer full steel construction at all levels. This significantly increases the durability of the cassette. No more issues with your climbing gears wearing before the others!

Do you really need 12?


Choose Prime 9 for a Durable, Simple, and High Performing drivetrain that offers extra-wide range.

Spend less time in the shop and more time on the trails. Make a positive change in your riding experience today. 

9 is fine.


"The only thing holding back 9 speed dirvetrains was the front derailleur and lack of clutch. Now with Prime 9, why would you choose a less durable, harder to adjust system?"
-Andre Campos//Professional Bike Mechanic

"Box created Prime 9 which offers maximum range for enduro riders. I was fortunate to test it this season and love the concept. 9 speeds, less shifting, lower speeds, and lighter. It's a simple and effective solution and I love having it in my everyday life."
-Eliott Lapotre//Freestyle Rider

"I love my Prime 9 setup. When the system was explained to me, I was originally skeptical that the range would have gaps in between gears that would have me searching for the perfect ratio... I was pleasantly surprised at how well the system worked and I never feel that I am in between gears during riding and shifting. I experienced smooth shifting and was overall very happy with the set up and performance."
-Eric Carter//Hyper Bicycles


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