Prime 9™ Technology is a counter-intuitive philosophy based on the less is more theory. It embraces range without adding complexity. The outcome is fewer parts, reduced weight, and increased durability.

Oversized™ Technology is a philosophy of design and engineering. Its goal is to reduce energy loss to deformation or flex. The results are enhanced control, better acceleration, and increased speed.

Stealth™ Technology is a philosophy of eliminating power loss by providing instant torque to the wheels. The result is Infinite Points of Engagement, Instant Power Delivery, and Silent - Low Drag Coasting.


Vincent Tupin // Redbull Rampage Wizard

"With the Box Prime 9, I rediscovered how simple and efficient a drivetrain could be. It allows me to enjoy my rides even more."

Niek Kimmann // Hex Lab Rider

"I’ve been riding the Box Oversized parts since 2013 and wouldn’t want anything different! No speed lost in flex, just legit, solid."

Mike Franze // Fullerton Bike Shop Owner

"Stealth Hubs coast so smooth, it feels like you're picking up speed when you stop pedaling."

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