Do you want to have a hassle-free riding experience?

Whether you're looking to be the next Vinny T., ride with a group of friends, or race competitively, it's essential to enjoy the riding experience without any hassle.

Freeride Fiesta with Eliott Lapotre
Rider: Eliott Lapotre
Photographer: Valentin Popineau

Prime 9™ Technology is a counter-intuitive philosophy based on the less is more theory. It embraces range without adding complexity. The outcome is fewer parts, reduced weight, and increased durability.

With Prime 9, you'll get a less aggressive chain-line vs. 12, spend less time shifting, and get the same range with less complexity and weight. The chain's internal dimensions are compatible with modern wide/narrow chainrings, so you won't have to change your entire system. 9 is fine.

Prime 9 Chainline

Whether you're looking for the top-of-the-line drivetrain or a budget-friendly drivetrain to upgrade that old 2x, we have an option for you.

Ready to amplify your riding experience? Visit to learn more about the differences between Box One, Box Two, Box Three, and Box Four. 9 is fine, really!

"For riders like me who only pay attention to the clock on the way down, Prime 9 trades those extra gears for a simpler, less finicky platform".
-Seth Alvo // Seth's Bike Hacks

"With Box's Prime 9, I rediscovered the simplicity and efficiency of a drivetrain. This makes my rides even better!"
-Vinny T. // Redbull Rampage Wizard

"After going to a Box Two Prime 9 drivetrain, it's a nail in the coffin for both SRAM and Shimano 12 speed drivetrains (too expensive, too finicky and unless you are doing XC riding, too many gears placed too close together (ratio wise))."
-James Balfa


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