Jesse Welch // Box Hex Lab Rider

"I have been running Box’s Oversized technology for 7 years. They are super stiff, which makes me feel very confident when I load up into the gate. My setup includes the Box One Oversized 53mm Delta Stem, the 8-inch Oversized handlebars, and the 20mm X5 forks. The rake of the X5 forks sets the bike up perfectly, providing optimum comfort while in the gate and riding the bike."

Mike Franze // BMX State Champ

"Stealth Hubs coast so smooth, it feels like you're picking up speed when you stop pedaling."

Vincent Tupin // Redbull Rampage Wizard

"With the Box Prime 9, I rediscovered how simple and efficient a drivetrain could be. It allows me to enjoy my rides even more."