Why am I faster with Oversized™ Technology?

When you're giving it your all at a race but don't make your mains, do you ask yourself what you can do to improve next time? Without a doubt, it takes training and hard work to compete at the level you are pushing for. Have you asked yourself if your build is right for you? Are these the best components that would complement your riding ability? Let's find out how Oversized™ Technology can make you faster.

Jesse Welch Olympics

Rider: Jesse Welch
Photographer: USABMX

Simply put, with Oversized™ Technology, you won't have flexed-out components letting you down. Less of the strength you have been working so hard to develop will be absorbed by flexing parts. So, the skills that you have honed will be translated with less delay into precise handling, making you faster.

Jesse Welch World Championship

Rider: Jesse Welch
Photographer: USABMX

Spend less time worrying about component failure and take the better chance at winning! BIG = FAST

"I have been running Box’s Oversized technology for 7 years. They are super stiff, which makes me feel very confident when I load up into the gate. My setup includes the Box One Oversized 53mm Delta Stem, the 8-inch Oversized handlebars, and the 20mm X5 forks. The rake of the X5 forks sets the bike up perfectly, providing optimum comfort while in the gate and riding the bike."
-Jesse Welch, Box One Level Up Rider

"I've been riding Box components since day one. Before oversized, I went through way more parts due to stress. Loss lots of torque from lack of strength. Now with oversized it's all power to the ground and zero loss of power or torque. It gives me the confidence I need to push to the limit."
-Chris Guibord, Box Level Up Rider

"There is nothing more trustworthy at high speeds than Box Oversized technology. Between my tapered X5 Forks, 31.8 bars and top load stem there is no doubt that my front end is as stiff as can be.”
-Cameron Wood, Box Hex Lab

"I’ve been running Box Oversized products from the very start. They have allowed me to use my full power when riding. It’s also given my bike the stiffness and strength I need in order to preform at my best."
-Cole Tesar, Box Hex Lab


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