Is such a large range with few gears bad?

If you've ridden an 11 or 12-speed system, you probably have asked yourself this question. How significant are the gaps between each shift? Prime 9 offers a simple, durable, and high-performing system which is a plus for most riders. Forget the skipping gears and adjustments after each ride. Just set up your system, go out for a ride, and forget about the hassle.
Richard Gasperotti Mitas Book at Eurobike 2021

Rider: Richard Gasperotti
Location: Eurobike 2021

What range does Prime 9 offer? An 11 to 50 tooth range is a large spread to cover over nine gears, but we have tuned the gear ratios to have consistent cadence throughout the cassette This, along with our optimized shift ramps, makes for a smooth experience for any rider.

Here is a gear breakdown of Box One, Box Two, and Box Three Prime 9 11-50 X-Wide Systems: 

Multi-Shift (Not Recommended for E-bikes): 11-13-15-18-22-28-34-42-50
Single-Shift (Recommended for E-bikes): 12-14-16-18-22-28-34-42-50

If you don't need all that range and are looking for an affordable system, the Box Three Prime 9 Groupset is also available in an 11-46T configuration (12-46T for e-bikes):

Multi-Shift (Not Recommended for E-bikes): 11-13-15-18-22-28-34-40-46
Single-Shift (Recommended for E-bikes): 12-14-16-18-22-28-34-40-46

Oscar Harnstrom
Rider: Oscar Harnstrom

"Been running the box 2 prime 9 on a Black Market Riot ( Horizontal dropouts with derailleur adapter). Easiest group set I've setup."

"I have been riding this drivetrain (Box One/Two Prime 9 X-Wide 11-50T Multi Shift Groupset) for about 5 months and it works great. The derailleur has had multiple hard impacts but it still works great. I enjoy the simplicity of only having 9 gears and it will work even in my hanger is a little bent or if the derailleur isn’t perfectly adjusted."
-Chad D.

"I've been riding Box Two for 2 years on my fattie and have had absolutely zero problems. I shift under load all the time and like you noticed I never worry about having to jump off the bike because it won't shift. You can't beat the price, rigidity and toughness of the components and the reliability. I will never ride SRAM or Shimano again."
-Joel Marble

"I run box two prime 9 group set since mid-March and I love it shifts really nicely. With Box components they are in the right path of less is more, and I don't maintain my bike as frequently once a 3x8 drivetrain."
-Daniel Velasquez

"Been running Box Two for a few years now and definitely do not miss those extra gears. It is simplicity at it's finest. Their customer support is top notch as well."
-Joel Marble


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