Box One Cro-Mo chainring bolts 15pcs black

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Box One™ Chainring Bolt kits include five 8.5-mm front bolts, five 6-mm front bolts, and five 5-mm rear nuts so they will fit just about any chainring/crank combination, including chainrings and cranks with threaded holes.

    Includes Slotted Female Bolts Ease of Installation
    Durable and Long-Service Life Construction

    Material: Chromoly Steel
    Process: CNC-Turned
    Finish: ED Black w/Laser-Etched Graphics
    • Thread Pitch: M8x0.75p
    • Allen Key: 5mm
    • 8.5mm/12mm Male Bolt [5]
    • 6.5mm/12mm Male Bolt [5]
    • 4mm/12mm Female Bolt [5]
    • Slotted Female Bolt [5]
    Compatibility: Any chainring / crank combination including those with threaded holes.
    Weight: 7g

    Weight Limit: 115kg (253 lbs) with limitations as per Category 2 of EN 16054:2012 Standard