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Box One Carbon 1.5 Inch Tapered Headset
Box One Carbon 1.5 Inch Tapered Headset
Box One Carbon 1.5 Inch Tapered Headset
Box One Carbon 1.5 Inch Integrated Headset - boxcomponents
Box One Carbon 1.5 Inch Tapered Headset - Box®

Box One Carbon 1.5 Inch Tapered Headset

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There is more to Box carbon headsets than their striking good looks. From top to bottom, the Box One™ Carbon Tapered Headset was designed to perform.

Each unit features a custom CNC-machined aluminum compression cap in the shape of the Box logo with cut-outs to reduce weight.

At the center of the top cap is an anodized aluminum bolt that threads into a gold anodized aluminum expander plug. This expander eliminates the need for a star nut and works with all 1-1/8-inch steerer tubes—even carbon fiber steerer tubes.

The top bearing cover is crafted from carbon fiber, which adds style and shave weight.

At the heart of the headset are two super-smooth, titanium-nitride coated, sealed, 45×45 bearings. The titanium coating results in a low friction coefficient, increased corrosion resistance, and smoother rolling bearings.

A split crown race makes installation and removal from forks super easy. Box 1.5-inch headsets are intended for tapered frames and forks and include an adapter crown race that allows you to run a fork with a straight 1-1/8-inch steerer tube.


  • Carbon Fiber Bearing Cover
  • Titanium-Nitride Coated Sealed Bearings
  • Aluminum Expansion Plug
  • 1.5" and 1-1/8" Crown Races Included


    Bearing Angle 45° x 45°
    Material Aluminum, Carbon-Fiber
    Recommended Torque 9-10 Nm (Expander), 1.5 Nm (Compression Cap)
    SHIS IS 42/28.6 | IS 52/40 (IS 52/30 w/ adapter)
    Weight 107 grams / 3.8 ounces or 111 grams / 3.9 ounces (w/adapter)


  • Box One X5 Fork
  • Box One X2 Fork
  • Box One XL Fork
  • Frames with an Integrated and Tapered Head-Tube


    Yes, this headset comes with a two crown races allowing for compatibility with both 1-1/8" or 1.5 inch steerer-tubes.

    No this headset is ONLY compatible with frames with a tapered integrated headtube. (IS 42/52)

    Box recommends using a light de-greaser or denatured alcohol to clean the outside of the headset, and strongly recommends that a pressure washer is NOT pointed towards the headset when cleaning.