Box One Oversized B52 Bottom Brackets

Box One Oversized B52 Bottom Brackets

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We couldn't ignore the undeniable truth about bottom brackets. Traditional BBs lack the space necessary for the pedal stiffness you deserve. That's why we designed the B52 Bottom Bracket to bring Oversized Technology into your bike frame, breaking the mold in the bike builder's world. With a 52mm x 80mm wide BB shell, your bike gains wider chainstays, enhancing efficiency during cornering and acceleration. Your power delivery becomes more efficient, and feedback becomes more responsive. In summary, you'll need less energy to achieve the same elapsed time. String together as many Oversized components as you can to banish flex from your setup.

Key differences: By advancing the boundaries of the BB shell to 52mm, it  allows us to encase the bearings for improved durability. With enhanced support, bearings handle high torque with less complaints, reducing shaft wobble due to minimal internal clearance. This leads to improved power delivery, enhanced concentricity, longer service life, reduced vibration, and limited axial motion.

Oversized Technology™
• 52mm shell allows wider chainstays, minimizing rear triangle deflection.
• Captured bearings in the 52mm shell manage higher torque loads and ensure smooth spindle rotation.
• Optimized for Box M35 spindles and cranks to maximize power delivery to the ground.

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