Box Four 8-Speed 12-42T E-Bike Cassette - Box®
Box Four 8-Speed 12-42T E-Bike Cassette

Box Four 8-Speed 12-42T E-Bike Cassette

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The Box Four E-Bike Cassette offers high gears with more teeth to withstand the rigors of modern E-Bike riding. Adding an extra tooth to each of the three highest gears provides increased durability and decreased wear by distributing the load over a larger area!  Box Four adapts our Prime 9 philosophy of durability, simplicity, and reliability at a great price point. All cogs are stamped from steel, given our durable black coating and then the larger cogs are pinned to each other with spacers for easy installation.

  • Our 8 is Enough Cassette
  • E-Bike Optimized 12 Tooth Cassette
  • Cassette Compatible with HG Freehub Bodies
  • Steel Stamped Cogs
  • No Spiders
  • Wide Ratio & Consistent Progression
  • ED Black Protection



Q: What is the difference between the Wide and X-Wide?
A: The Wide cassette offers an 11-46T range while the X-Wide offers an 11-50T range.