BMX Level Up Program FAQ


The Level Up Program was designed to support riders of all levels become part of a team. Its goal is to strengthen skills, provoke inter-rider encouragement, and motivate a level up to the next class. 


We now have a facebook group for active level up riders. Click here to join:

Note: Some photos submitted for the website were action shots and not portrait shots as requested. Please submit your portrait shots if you need an update.

As a refresher, here are a few commonly asked questions regarding the BMX Level Up Program:

Q: What are the requirements of being on this program?

A: You must purchase the Box Level Up Jersey, use our FREE number plate supplied, agree to not resell any products purchased at a discount, agree to not disclose your deal to others including bike shops, be an active member of USABMX [or comparable for international] or be active on social media, tag @boxbmx #boxlevelupprogram, and represent Box professionally on and off the track. Most importantly, we want you to have fun!

Q: When will I receive my discount?

A: Once you have received the acceptance email from Box into the program, follow the instructions to purchase your custom jersey. Once the order has been placed, your discount will be applied to your account within 24 hours. No coupon code needed. All you'll need to do is log in and enjoy shopping.

Q: When will my jersey arrive?

A: You will receive a proof email 24-48 hours after your jersey has been purchased. Upon verifying the jersey proof is correct and print-ready, you will receive your jersey within 2-3 weeks. You will receive tracking information via email once your order has shipped. This step is time-sensitive.

Q: Do I need a discount code?

A: No, once your discount is applied to your account, all you'll need to do is log into your Box account and start shopping. The price you'll see upon logging in already reflects the discount.


Q: Are there other programs I can get involved with?

A: Sign up for the affiliate program to earn some extra cash.

Q: Do I get discounts on any other co-sponsored brands?

A: YES!, Fly Racing also partners with Box with the program. Here is the breakdown for Fly products.

  • Box One: 30% Off
  • Box Two: 20% Off
  • Box Three: 20% Off
  • Box Four: 10% Off
  • Box Five: 10% Off

To order, click here to send an email to Fly with your order request and provide your level-up level and a photo of your jersey.


B: YES!, we have partnered with 327 Designs to collaborate with Box's Level Up Program. As a member, you can now enjoy the same discounts with these plate decals to match your jersey. Here is the link to shop:

Password: HEXlvlUP23

Q: How do I level up?

A: Depending on your USABMX (or equivalent) level, once you level up to the next class, send us an email and let us know! If you are an influencer growing your social followers and promoting Box rather than being a racer, please reach out to us if you've reached:

  • 500 Active Followers
  • 1,000 Active Followers
  • 2,500 Active Followers
  • 5,000 Active Followers
  • 10,000+ Active Followers

Q: I damaged my jersey or want to order an extra. How do I purchase another one?

A: You can bookmark this link and order your jersey anytime.

Q: Do I tell the track operators that I am riding for Box?

A: Yes.

Q: Can I add custom logos to my jersey?

A: Once the jersey arrives, you can add additional logos around the Box logo as you wish. Unfortunately, we cannot add logos during the ordering process. 

Q: Do I have to pay for my jersey? Can I use my discount on it?

A: This is a program with VIP perks and not sponsorship. We’ve done our best to get the most competitive rate possible from our vendor. As a custom jersey, it costs $55 and upgrades are optional.

Q: I am currently riding for another team. Can I still join the program?

A: Please contact and we will work something out!


If you would like to earn some extra cash while doing what you love most – RACING – this is the place for you. We have recently launched our latest affiliate program and would love for you to be a part of it. Get details and sign up here: Join the Affiliate Program 


  • Please send an email to
  • Include your favorite photo for bragging rights that will be shown on our IG story.
  • Share your USABMX profile page to verify the current level.
  • Share a fun story of your recent race that got you this far.

We'd love to hear your story, goals, and challenges you've faced to earn your way up.


After each race, please complete the following form. If you are an influencer, please email us once a month with updates on what's new with you. We value any feedback you can provide. We are always looking to improve our products: Share Your Feedback


You may have noticed that once you completed your jersey order, you were redirected to a page that allows you to create your profile which will appear on our website:

If you have not created your profile, please fill out every section on this form: Create Your Profile

If you are already on this page but would like to change your profile photo, please email and send your updated photo. In order to prevent any delays, please be sure to include the following:

  • Name the file in the following format "firstname_lastname"
  • Export the file as .png or .jpeg
  • Resize the file to be 1080x1080px
  • Be sure that the photo is a face shot and not an action shot

As always, if you have any additional questions or plan to build your bike and need help picking out products, our VIP Office Hours are available to you. Please include as much detail as possible in the comments so we can get the right people on the call: Schedule a Meeting