Who’s ready for the Grands?

The biggest race of the year is right around the corner, and the talent and skill of this year’s racers are something to watch for!

Throughout the year, athletes across the United States go through a series of local, state, and Gold Cup races to get to the top and compete in Grand Nationals. Riders train long hours for months on end to get the chance to race at this Nationwide event. If you haven’t experienced the energy of Grand Nationals, allow us to give you a glimpse of what to expect! 

Kicking off the five-day racing event starting on Wednesday, November 24th, 2021, riders can begin practicing at 6:15 AM CT (4:15 AM PST), with open registration beginning at 9:00 AM CT (7:00 AM PST). Stay updated with the rest of the events, as the entire weekend is filled with exciting racing and events! 

Box riders are excited to be competing for titles and wins! This year, our Hex Lab Team consists of four talented and passionate riders who are competing at the Grand Nationals.

Our first rider is Jemma Tollefson. She is a young, ambitious, and brave rider who has already accomplished so much at the age of 9. Ranked NAG #1 and #6 in the Nation, watch out for Jemma (Lil’ JT) Hex Lab jersey with a big #1 on her back! 

The next rider is Piper Yockelson. She is another young and talented rider from the BMX Level Up Program who leveled up into the Hex Lab team last year at the Grands. Her motto is to  train hard and stay focused and she’s been doing just that since she was 6 years old. She currently ranks NAG #10 and #63 nationally! Racing against other 17-year-olds, she can be seen wearing the #63 on her Hex Lab jersey. 

Nathan Kitchen

The third Hex Lab Team racer is Nathan Kitchen. He is passionate about BMX and also competes in mountain biking. He currently ranks District #8 in class and District #9 in cruiser. Catch him rocking his Hex lab jersey at Grand Nationals! 

Finally, stay tuned for Jesse Welch, our Pro Box One Level Up rider who will be joining the Hex Lab Team at Grand Nationals. After a troubling start at the beginning of the year, with some injuries and impacts of COVID-19, Jesse has been able to keep his eyes on the prize! At just 22, he’s already won a couple of titles and is quick to learn and adapt from every race. Jesse understands the importance of training the body with the mind and has worked to keep his mental condition in tip-top shape. He is skilled, very fit, and stays fixated on the bigger picture! We look forward to seeing him race during his first Rookie Pro year.

Stay updated with all our riders and their fierce competition! Jemma Tollefson will be going against Expert Girls. Jemma is ranked 2 in the category and will compete against the other top eight in the category including: Sequoia Gomolicke (1), Vida De Vera (3), Olivia Alvidrez (4), and more. 

Piper Yockelson will be racing against other 17-20 women. The top eight include: Manuela Roldan (1), Mckenzie Gayheart (2), Sierra Altendorf (3), and more. 

Nathan Kitchen will be racing against 16 boys. The top eight include: Patrick O'Brien (1), Cutter Williams (2), Ethan Popovich (3), and more. 

Jesse Welch will be competing against other Pro Circuit riders, including: Joris Daudet (1), Joshua Mclean (2), Connor Fields (3), and more. 

Want to stay updated with the competition? Check out the upcoming races on USABMX!

For more information, see the Grand Nationals schedule!

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