Want Enhanced Power Delivery?

Do you feel like you're always falling short when racing the bigger guys, or are lacking the size to compete?

There's a solution for you! Although rider weight plays a part in power delivery, components play a more significant part in your overall performance. 

Oversized™ Technology is a philosophy of design and engineering. Its goal is to reduce energy loss to deformation or flex. The results are enhanced control, better acceleration, and increased speed.

Jemma Tollefson Enhanced Power Delivery  
Rider: Jemma Tollefson
Photographer: USABMX

There is no use pushing hard on your pedals if you can’t deliver most of that power to the rear wheel.

Power delivery AKA pedaling stiffness. When a rider pushes down on a pedal, the pedal, crank set, bottom bracket, frame and all the hardware holding those together deflects laterally. Stiffer components deflect less, so more of your energy output goes into turning the rear wheel, rather than deforming the components and frame.

By using Oversized technology, Box is able to add only the appropriate amount of material for stiffness where it is most needed. It is possible to add too much stiffness where the rider will not feel the benefits. Going beyond that point simply adds material which is surplus weight.

Jeremy Smith Power Delivery  
Rider: Jeremy Smith

Take your riding ability to the next level. Visit https://www.boxbmx.com/ to learn more about the key advantages of Oversized Cranks, Bottom Brackets, and Hubs. BIG = FAST

"There is nothing quite like the Box setup in BMX racing. When racing, I rely on products like my Box cranks with 30mm spindle to help with direct power transfer to the back wheel or my Box front end setup with X5 forks and bars equipped with a 31.8mm clamping surface to guarantee my front end is as solid as possible!"
-Tyler Brown

"When I started with Box, I was a lot younger and smaller. Now that I have grown and got stronger, I have parts to grow with me. Thankfully, the Oversized parts are there for that. They make the big difference when you're big enough to put the power down."
-Nathan Kitchen


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