Privateer Equipped Box Two Prime 9 Multi Shift MTB Groupset Drivetrain

How is Prime 9 Simpler?

Posted by Chloee Pham on

Do you need extra range but without complicating your life?

Ditch the finicky 12-speed system and go for simplicity. Spend your day out on the trail, enjoying nature and shredding down your favorite lines. Experience all the features of a modern 1x drivetrain but on a durable and forgiving 9-speed platform. What more could you ask for?

  Box Two Prime 9 Multi Shift Groupset
Rider: Dorian // Ekoi, Privateer Bikes
Photographer: Pango Visual

Is Prime 9 simpler than an 11/12-speed?

Same Range With Fewer Gears
11-50 tooth cassette with only 9 gears.

Ease of Set-up
A 9-speed drivetrain has a larger adjustment window than a 12 speed. This makes Prime 9 easier to set-up, more likely to stay in adjustment and less finicky over time.

Wide Compatibility
No proprietary freehub body, no proprietary chainring, and fewer issues with chainline make Prime 9 a perfect fit on any bike!
Works with any 10,11, or 12-speed Shimano®, SRAM® or 3rd party wide / narrow chain ring (you must use a Prime 9 chain).

Less Maintenance
More durable and easier to set up when compared to 12-speed drivetrains. Prime 9 provides more time in between recommended service intervals so you can spend more time riding!

Don’t Worry, All Bike Shops Are Familiar With 9 Speed Platforms!
3 x 9 drivetrains have been around for 2 decades making a Prime 9 familiar to any bike shop or mechanic for easy conversions, setups, and adjustments!

Do you really need 12?

Box Two Prime 9 Privateer Bike
Rider: Dorian // Ekoi, Privateer Bikes
Photographer: Pango Visual

Choose Prime 9 for a Durable, Simple, and High Performing drivetrain that offers extra-wide range.

Spend less time in the shop and more time on the trails. Ready to take your riding experience to the next level?

9 is fine, really!

"With the Box Prime 9, I rediscovered how simple and efficient a drivetrain could be. It allows me to enjoy my rides even more."
-Vincent Tupin//Redbull Rampage Wizard

"For riders like me who only pay attention to the clock on the way down, Prime 9 trades those extra gears for a simpler, less finicky platform."
-Seth Alvo//Seth's Bike Hacks

"After going to a Box Two Prime 9 drivetrain, it's a nail in the coffin for both SRAM and Shimano 12 speed drivetrains (too expensive, too finicky and unless you are doing XC riding, too many gears placed too close together ratio-wise)."
-James Balfa//Everyday Rider


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