Box Continues to Support Exceptionally Talented Riders: Niek Kimmann & Alise Willoughby

Box Continues to Support Exceptionally Talented Riders: Niek Kimmann & Alise Willoughby

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At Box®, we take pride not only in our products, but also in our exceptionally talented riders. For many years, we’ve had the honor of being able to work with BMX pros Alise Willoughby and Niek Kimmann, who have made names for themselves worldwide by virtue of their top tier racing abilities. It’s been a wild ride of hard work and determination for both of these elite racers, and in this article, we’re excited to show you just how far they’ve come.

Niek Kimmann was only 17 when we first noticed his desire to become a champion. Even from a young age, there was nothing more exciting than the idea of becoming a superstar athlete, just as his parents had. His mother was a horseback rider, and his father an ice skater. They loved the outdoors, and it seems they passed this passion on to their son. Growing up in Lutten, a small village in the Netherlands, Kimmann dedicated a lot of his time to playing various sports. He tried track and field, football, and other activities, but only found his true calling when his friends introduced him to BMX. From the moment he hopped on his bike at the local BMX track, it was love at first sight. 

Niek’s career has had its share of struggles and successes, with many memories made along the way. But ultimately, he has accomplished what he had initially set out to do when he was just 17—becoming a champion. Along with his incredible achievement of becoming an Olympic Gold Medalist in 2021, here are some of his proudest moments:

  • (1) Junior World Championship in 2014
  • (2) World Cup in 2015
  • (3) Junior World Championship in 2015
  • (4) Elite World Championship in 2016
  • (5) Tokyo Olympics in 2021
  • (6) Elite World Championship in 2021

Alise Post (now Alise Willoughby) began racing in 1997 at 6 years old, with the encouragement of her brother. She refused to participate at first, but after overcoming her fear of the steep hills, she started training intensely and became a professional athlete at just 15. In this same year, she became the youngest female to hold the National No. 1 Pro Women’s title, an achievement that would’ve once seemed impossible for the girl who initially rejected the sport.

Alise’s success stemmed from her work behind the scenes—she dedicated herself to staying in shape, trained constantly, and was a role model for her fellow riders. Altogether, these habits helped form the basis for what would become her greatest achievements: 

  • (1) 2x Elite Women World Champion
  • (2) 2016 Olympic silver medalist in BMX in Rio
  • (3) 10x National Champion
  • (4) 2006 Rookie Pro of the Year
  • (5) First female to earn all three Girls' division classifications: No.1 Girl Amateur, No.1 Girl Amateur Cruiser, and No.1 Girl Pro
  • (6) ABA No. 1 Pro Girl in her rookie year

It’s great to see all that Niek and Alise have accomplished so far, but now it’s time to find out what they have in store for their BMX racing futures. Through thick and thin, lows and highs, we at Box® are proud to support their ongoing development and impact on not only their own lives, but on the future of the sport itself.

Thank you Niek and Alise.

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