How Can I Get Superior Control?

Do you sometimes wonder why there is lag time between input from your hands to reaction from your bike?

Bike control can be defined as steering stiffness, and this affects how your bike handles as a result of rider input. At Box, we define steering stiffness by how much the grips, handlebar, stem, fork, wheels, frame, and hardware between twists when they are ridden around a corner. Sound familiar?
Level Up Program
Photographer: USABMX

Higher steering stiffness contributes to a more responsive handling bike by reducing latency between hand input and reaction in the bike. Just as with power delivery, by using Oversized Technology, Box adds only the appropriate amount of material for steering stiffness where it is most needed. This allows our components to combat the cornering load as it passes along its load path from grip all the way through to the contact point on the track.
Alise Willoughby  
Rider: Alise Willoughby
Photographer: USABMX

Take back control and find out your true abilities by upgrading your bike with components best suited for youBIG = FAST 

"For the past 6 years, I have had the amazing opportunity to run and represent Box Components. On my race bike I prefer to run the X5 forks which have proven to be the stiffest and most reliable race fork I have ever endured. Alongside my Box fork setup, I choose to run the 31.8mm bars attached with the Box One front load stem for the highest comfort front end that favors my riding style and helps me take on the field of riders."
-Spencer Cole

"When I started with Box, I was a lot younger and smaller. Now that I have grown and got stronger, I have parts to grow with me. Thankfully, the Oversized parts are there for that. They make the big difference when you're big enough to put the power down."
-Nathan Kitchen


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