How Can Advanced Materials on My Bike Help Me Win?

How Can Advanced Materials on My Bike Help Me Win?

Posted by Chloee Pham on

Not all things are equal when it comes to materials of construction. So, how do materials on your bike currently compare to components with Oversized Technology? Let's dive in deeper.

Here at Box, we don't just manufacture carbon fiber parts. We engineer where the strength/stiffness needs to be and the layer of the fibers are added and aligned in the direction and angle required to provide the best effect. With metal alloys, we don't just buy "aerospace grade alloys", we choose the appropriate aluminum alloy for the component, and send it through the appropriate heat treatment processes. We demand material certifications as part of our quality assurance program.

Kadin Dalton Level Up Program

Rider: Kadin Dalton
Photographer: USABMX

Why settle for standard components when you can benefit from Advanced Materials? Take a chance at winning without worrying about product failure.

Remember, you're putting all your effort into training and getting stronger each day. Make your hard work mean something more.

Jemma Tollefson

Advanced Materials can help you win by adding the much needed strength and stiffness to your ride so you don't need to look back. BIG = FAST 

"The Box One M35 Crankset and the X5 fork make my bike feel solid and make me feel that I am in control!"
-Gunner Clay, Box Level Up Rider

"For the past 6 years, I have had the amazing opportunity to run and represent Box Components. On my race bike I prefer to run the X5 forks which have proven to be the stiffest and most reliable race fork I have ever endured. Alongside my Box fork setup, I choose to run the 31.8mm bars attached with the Box One front load stem for the highest comfort front end that favors my riding style and helps me take on the field of riders."
-Spencer Cole, Box Rider

"When I started with Box, I was a lot younger and smaller. Now that I have grown and got stronger, I have parts to grow with me. Thankfully, the Oversized parts are there for that. They make the big difference when you're big enough to put the power down."
-Nathan Kitchen, Hex Lab Box Factory Team


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