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Box Two/Three P9 X-Wide 11-50T Multi Shift Groupset

Box Two/Three P9 X-Wide 11-50T Multi Shift Groupset

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Did you know that you can mix and match Prime 9? 
Can't decide between the modern basics of Box Three and the long service life of Box Two? Well, you don't need to! With this pre-configured and pre-tested option, you'll receive a Box Three cassette paired to the durable Box Two derailleur, shifter and chain.


  • Box Three Prime 9 Cassette 11-50T
  • Box Two Prime 9 Chain 126L
  • Box Two Prime 9 Multi Shifter
  • Box Two Prime 9 X-Wide Rear Derailleur
  • Box One Shift Cable & Housing Kit

  • Our Box Two tier's mission in life is to deliver performance similar to the Box One but without its exotic (and costly) features. You still get the Tri-Pack (TM) Clutch in our derailleur only it isn't adjustable. The cassette's 11-50T range is equally impressive but we don't cut it out of a single block of steel. The action on the shifter is just as snappy although you don't get the rigid die-cast pull lever. The chain boasts the same unique ability to mate with a wide/narrow chainring except you give up the trick DLC top coat. You're hardly shortchanging yourself with Box Two.

    Our Box Three tier delivers many of the same capabilities of its more famous siblings yet it's built upon a simpler platform. Cassettes are accessible at 11-46T and fashioned without spiders. The derailleur exploits our Limited Slip clutch technology without the Tri-pack features. Shift easily with a comparable mechanism, although you'll forgo the hinged clamp and die-cast structure. And lastly, string it all together with a Prime 9 chain but without extravagant coatings. If you're looking to bring your 2/3 by bike into the 21st century, then level up with this group!

    • For Aggressive Terrain
    • Prime 9 Technology™
    • Install at Home with Some Simple Bike Tools and Our Easy to Follow Video
    • Compatible with HG Freehub Bodies
    • Compatible with Standard Derailleur Hangers (Non Direct-Mount)
    • Compatible with most 10,11, & 12-speed wide / narrow chain rings. Prime 9 chain must be used.
    • Not Intended for E-Bike Use
    • View Prime 9 Drivetrain Compatibility Manual
    • View Prime 9 Comparison Chart
    • Why Prime 9?



    Q: What is the difference between the Wide and X-Wide?
    A: The Wide cassette offers an 11-46T range while the X-Wide offers an 11-50T range.

    Prime 9 Box Three Installation

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    United States United States
    Great first impressions!

    Initial impressions are fantastic. Installation and shifting adjustment was straightforward, easy, and fast. Really appreciate the big steps between gears for initial tuning of the shift points. On the trail these gear jumps translated to very noticeable shifts which I prefer to the smaller increments of 12speed Eagle systems. Shift ergonomics are different but easy to adjust to. No complaints. Bottom line: easy set-up, functional and meaningful shifts, great price point. Only thing to vet out is long term durability. No plans to go back to sram/shimano drivetrains.

    Chris G.
    United States United States
    Box Two/Three P9 X-Wide Multi Shift Groupset

    Awesome! I’m very pleased with this purchase. The install took about an hour and the shifting is exact and perfect. I would definitely purchase again.