Box Two Oversized 1-1/8 - 1.5 Inch Tapered Headset

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All Box headsets are engineered and crafted using our Oversized Technology. As we follow the load paths down the handlebars, through the stem-to-bar interface, we arrive at the headset focal point. Since any steering stiffness can easily be lost to headset play, we have concentrated our attention on manufacturing tolerances and quality of materials for the bearing, cnc bearing cover, and crown race. Now that this junction is steadfast you can rest assured that your cockpit’s steering stiffness will transfer on to the fork. When combined with Box’s other Oversized components, you’ll experience heightened responsiveness and reduced latency.

Key differences: In this particular model headset we’ve gone to a 1.5” bottom race to fill a tapered head tube. This mates with our oversized X5 carbon fork. Larger and smoother contact areas spread the load effectively and counteract flex.

    Oversized Technology™
    • Massive 1.5” Diameter
    • Massive Sealed Bearings
    • Star-Nut Compression System
    • Includes 1-⅛” Reducer Race for 1-1/8” Steerer Tube

    Bearing Angle: 45° x 45°
    • Compression Cap: CNC-Machined
    • Bearing Cover: Aluminum
    • Expansion Plug: Steel
    • Compression Cap: Aluminum
    Finish: Anodize
    • IS 42/28.6
    • IS 52/40
    • IS 52/30 w/adapter)
    Weight: 101 g / 3.6 oz
    Weight w/adapter: 109 g / 3.8 oz

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