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Box Three Prime 9 X-Wide E-Bike Groupset - boxcomponents
Box Three Prime 9 X-Wide Single Shift E-Bike Groupset - Box®
Box Three P9 X-Wide Single Shift E-Bike Groupset
Box Three Prime 9 X-Wide Single Shift E-Bike Groupset - Box®
Box Three Prime 9 X-Wide Single Shift E-Bike Groupset - Box®
Box Three Prime 9 X-Wide Single Shift E-Bike Groupset - Box®
Box Three Prime 9 X-Wide Single Shift E-Bike Groupset - Box®

Box Three P9 X-Wide Single Shift E-Bike Groupset

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Our Box Three tier delivers many of the same capabilities of its more famous siblings yet it's built upon a simpler platform. The cassette is E-bike Optimized at 12-50T, adding an extra tooth to each of the three highest gears. The derailleur exploits our Limited Slip clutch technology without the Tri-pack features. The action on the shifter is limited to one downshift per lever swing, although you'll forgo the hinged clamp and die-cast structure. And lastly, string it all together with a Prime 9 chain but without extravagant coatings. If you're looking to bring your 2/3 by bike into the 21st century, then level up with this group!

  • Our Best All-Rounder Drivetrain
  • For Light / Medium Terrain
  • E-Bike Optimized 12 Tooth Cassette
  • Single Shift Per Swing for E-Bike Safe Shifting
  • Install at Home with Some Simple Bike Tools and Our Easy to Follow Video
  • Limited Slip Clutch™
  • Ultra-Wide Ratio with Consistent Progression
  • Compatible with Traditional Derailleur Hangers (Non Direct-Mount)
  • Cassette Compatible with HG Freehub Bodies
  • Prime 9 Technology™



Q: What is the difference between the Wide and X-Wide?
A: The Wide cassette offers an 11-46T range while the X-Wide offers an 11-50T range.

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Dean G.
United States United States
Box Three ebike groupset

The components were easy to install and it works much better than the eight speed it replaced. Wear over the 600 miles it has been on the bike is minimal. It has required very little attention to keep shifting beautifully. Shifts are smooth, fast, quiet, and predictable. The only problem I had was getting the cable tension right, but that is something I always struggle with.

United States United States
Want this to work so bad

As the previous review mentioned, sometimes when you want something to work so bad you see it through rose colored glass. Shifting - while its not as rough on my thumb as the previous review mentioned it is difficult. There is a webinar on the box 3 and you can see the difficulty the Product manager has with not pressing hard enough to shift as well as the extreme amounts of play. Chain tension. The clutch leaves much to be desired. Sending you bike off anything greater then 6 inches will cause the derailleur to shift. Chain slap is now a thing again :-( The main reason I bought this was due to only getting about 400 miles off my slx chain and cassette. Really hope I get at least 1000 out of this group set.

Jason L.
United States United States
Honest feedback

Sometimes you want to believe in something so much that you will look through rose colored glasses to cover up the truth. I wanted your system to work so much! First - shifting. While it does shift every time, its very hard to shift. It has an extremely long throw that would wear on my thumb after each ride. A shorter crisper throw would be wonderful. 2nd - derailleur. I was less than a month into riding before the derailleur broke in half. The last ride i had, i actually lost the bottom part. There is also absolutely no tension to hold the chain on. I had dropped chains multiple times on each ride. I shortened the chain to no avail. I finally installed an upper chain guide and it would still come off on the bottom. Third - install onto a 11speed hg road. I spent the first month tracking down the part needed (which is why i was out of warrantee when i finally got it installed) and it really never worked right. I recommend just including the part needed because no bike shop knows what you are talking about, it is extremely hard to get the part, and it really didnt even work once installed. You have a great concept, but it doesnt deliver.