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Box One Quantum Hubset 36h Black - boxcomponents
Box One Quantum Hubset 36h Black - boxcomponents
Box One Quantum Hubset 36h Black - boxcomponents

Box One Quantum 36H 20mm hubset black

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All Box hub sets that with axle diameters of 15mm and up are engineered and crafted using our Oversized Technology. For steering stiffness we follow the load paths down the handlebars, through the stem, headset, and eventually to the fork-to-hub interface. To transfer as much of that load from fork to axle we’ve shaped the dropout for substantially more capture of the now oversized 20mm axle. Its the same fundamentals at the rear for pedaling stiffness where we also deploy more substantial diameters to inhibit axle deflection. On both ends the added surface area begs for upsized bearings and consequently we are gifted with materially more contact surface. You’ll put more power to the ground out back and up front you’ll feel in control.When combined with Box’s other Oversized components, you’ll experience heightened responsiveness and reduced latency.

Key differences:The Box One line tunes material distribution to a higher level than Box Two through its CNC process. Aluminum can more accurately be removed from low stress areas to reinforce intersections. Box One’s unique and hard chromoly one-piece driver accepts various (10,15,20mm) diameter oversized axles at the rear while the front is set at 20mm.

Includes thru axles and 16t driver. 10 / 15mm rear axle conversion kits sold separately.


  • Laser Etched Graphics
  • Straight Flanges
  • Sealed Bearings
  • 6-Pawl 60 Points of Engagement
  • Chromoly Driver
  • Aluminum Axle, 20mm Axle
  • 15mm Axle
  • 10mm Aluminum Axle
  • CNC'd Aluminum Hubshell


  • Box One Quantum Rear Axle Kit 10mm Thru
  • Box One X2 Pro Carbon 1 1/8" Cro-Mo Steerer 20" X 20mm Fork
  • Box One X5 Pro Carbon 1.5" to 1 1/8" Alloy Steerer 20" X 20mm Fork
  • Box One 24x1.75" 36-Hole Front Rim Black
  • Box One 20x1.75" 36-Hole Front Rim Black



    Yes, this hub is built to our Box One Pro Rim with Box One Pro Spokes In our Box Three Wheelsets.

    We have published recommended lacing patterns and spoke lengths for all Box Hub to Box Rim wheel builds on

    No, Box does not recommend radially lacing on any Box Components hub.

    The internals can be easily disassembled by removing the drive-side lock-nut; the internals can be wiped down with a lint-free rag and mild de-greaser and re-greased with a light amount of grease on the outside of the pawls. Too much grease could cause the pawls to stick or skip. Only disassemble if an issue is present.


    Rear Front
    Axle 20x100 20x110
    Hole Drilling 36 36
    Material 7075-T6 Aluminum 7075-T6 Aluminum
    Hardware 7075-T6 Aluminum 7075-T6 Aluminum
    Driver Type Quantum Driver Quantum Driver
    Engagement Sytem 6-Pawl 60 Points of Engagement 6-Pawl 60 Points of Engagement
    Brake Type Rim Brake Rim Brake
    Finish Gloss Black Gloss Black
    Weight 535g/18.8oz 235g/8.2oz