Box Two Alloy Seat Post

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Size 26.8mm
Color Black

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Perfect for BMX Racing “Warm-ups or Cool-Downs,” this lightweight seat post is made from 2014 aluminum alloy, and a cold-forged aluminum alloy head gives the Box Two™ Seatpost a superb strength to weight ratio. The two-bolt head design ensures solid seat positioning and plenty of adjustment. Each post has 20 millimeters of setback and 26 degrees of seat angle adjustment.


Secure Dual Bolt Clamping System
0-25 °Tilt Adjustment for Comfort

Material: 2014-T651 Aluminum
• Post: CNC-Turned
• Clamp: Cold-Forged
• Joint: Swedged & Glued
Dimensions (26.8mm):
• Diameter/Length/Setback
• 26.8mm: 400mm/20mm
Finish: Anodized w/Laser-Etched Graphics
Size & Weight
• 26.8mm: 268 g / 9.5 oz