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Box Two Prime 9 12-50T E-Bike Cassette Black

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The Box Two E-Bike Cassette differentiates itself from its non-e-bike sibling by offering the high gears with more teeth to withstand the rigors of modern E-Bike riding. Adding an extra tooth to each of the three highest gears provides increased durability and decreased wear by distributing the load over a larger area! All cogs are stamped from steel and subsequently, the larger ones are pinned to alloy spiders. Due to its provenance, this is, without doubt, the most durable cassette in the range and perfect for any E-MTB.

  • Our Most Durable Cassette
  • E-Bike Optimized 12 Tooth Cassette
  • Steel Stamped Cogs
  • Lightweight Alloy Spiders
  • Ultra-Wide Ratio with Consistent Progression
  • ED Black Protection
  • Cassette Compatible with HG Freehub Bodies
  • Prime 9 Technology™



Q: What is the difference between the Wide and X-Wide?
A: The Wide cassette offers an 11-42T range while the X-Wide offers an 11-50T range.